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Brand positioning: cabinet material suppliers, do a wonderful wedding dress for global cabinet Enterprises

Brand strength: China largest molded plastic door production enterprises in Shandong Province, the largest plywood production enterprises, China cabinet materials industry chain production enterprises. There are five production bases in Shandong, Jiangsu, Hubei and other places.

Brand philosophy: China's manufacturing world to share

Brand protection: the whole industry chain, the design front, research and development of high-end, personalized batch customization

1, we have eight subsidiaries, revolves around an industrial chain, namely, decorative materials and materials of the cabinet industry chain, so we still more professional, Honsoar will always focus on as the foothold, put their own things to do fine, do, not only the manufacturing of high-end products, we also provide professional supporting consulting services to professional, customer value maximization and social achievement, this is as material manufacturers highlight the characteristics of Honsoar local advantage.

Build 2, not only for China Honsoar designers, but also for the western world, constantly learning from R & D product design in Europe and North America, Australia and other high-end customers, the R & D technology, West fusion, all-round to meet the needs of different consumer groups, in the existing resources and research work to enlarge strength. At the same time, the domestic and two international market for effective combination, to achieve win-win cooperation.

In 3, our overall advantage, we understand the wardrobe cabinets enterprises, including senior well-known, leading industry, we are now known as the vast majority of brands, our products are in the system; the whole process of product manufacturing to information production, standardized management, and advanced innovative technologies and concepts, and the downstream customer resource integration, integration system, the advantages of our background, to help the domestic furniture manufacturing enterprises into terminal brands, we are good at to achieve the ultimate customers on products to achieve maximum value for customers.

4, any one product, to meet the volume of production, not a small factory can do. We accumulated experiences of high-end customers, our external information reference and demanding, so we made any product, can meet the requirements of mass production to mass customization, because we now production equipment is equivalent to a noble manufacturing center, a full set of equipment imported from Germany Homag, Italy Gabbiani cutting edge machine plate center, Morbidelli drilling center, SCM machining center, Singapore Licnar vacuum system. And has the world's leading, China's only, up to 96 meters of the German Connor full automatic intelligent 3D plastic molding production line, to ensure the daily output of 5000 square meters.

5, we are in addition to selling products, in addition to R & D and production, we also provide solutions and portfolio. Including how to import, by designing the best show the most reasonable collocation, also includes the sales side material supply and structure design, so that our customers in sales at the same time, can let the product speak for themselves: it is worth.

Honsoar New Building Material Co., Ltd located in Dongcheng Industry Garden of Shouguang City of Shandong Province, Is the largest PVC thermofoil door manufacturers  in  china,is the largest melamine boards manufacturers  in  Shandong province, is only and largest  panel furniture materials industry chain manufacturers in china. Annual sales reached RMB1000 Millionincluding exporting amount of nearly USD100 Million. including Shouguang Dongyuhongxiang Wood Industry Co.,ltd,Shandong Honsoar Furniture Company, Heze Honsoar Particle Co., Ltd.,

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