Occupational health: our company always pay attention to production safety problems and employees' occupational health health, in order to better improve our work environment, according to the law on the prophylaxis and control of occupational diseases, company employees organize regular occupational health physical examination, and detection of occupational hazard, and provide the necessary labor protection articles.

Safety facilities: July 2016 to invest 2016 yuan to the company's fire equipment update, update the fire hydrant fire with 22, new coil pipe 26 new outdoor fire hydrant, 14, 70, the new fire extinguisher brought fire all replacement and dividing area, the implementation of the responsibility. In addition, the company each year for the first of two security fire evacuation drill, to ensure that employees can master "four abilities".

System: the company strictly follow the system self-check, regular inspection by the security office organization, every week will find potential safety hazard for release, and requires rectification within a time limit;

Training: the company strictly implement the system of "level 3 safety education", the new employee of the company and business organization plant-level safety knowledge and skills training, and then assigned to each workshop for 7 days workshop level and team level safety skills training, after the company security officer exam before mount guard.

Recent work: the company on the basis of the existing "three safety standardization", to better enhance the level of safety management, actively carry out "safety standardization" acceptance review, is expected to create finished in October 2016.

Company actively respond to the security department meeting spirit, actively carry out "safety risk control system construction" and "construction" of occupational disease risk control system.

Environmental protection:

1. To carry out the environmental protection department guidance, actively carry out clean production, vigorously promoting circular economy. Improve key environmental emergency monitoring and disposal ability, risk source architecture internal information network platform, in November 2015, in accordance with requirements of the environmental protection bureau, in the sewage treatment station, boiler installation real-time monitoring probe, raise the level of the implementation of environmental regulation in accordance with the law.

2. Seriously do a good job in "three wastes" emissions monitoring, management and statistical work, promote the pollution emission reduction work, reduce the "three wastes" emissions. Investment of 380000 yuan on the cabinet company new UV photolysis treatment waste gas processing system, dust collection system and activated carbon waste gas processing system. Investment of 148000 yuan in the printing workshop on the southern new sewage treatment station a, 8 tons of daily sewage processing capacity.

3. Continuously improve the environmental protection and related management system, refining the activities of environmental protection at all levels to strengthen environmental protection management skills training, improve the management level.

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