Overall quality control

Company since its inception to carry out comprehensive quality management system, the company has perfect product research and development, production, testing and after-sales service system, based on the "lean, agile, internationalization" of the overall strategy, based on continuously to provide you with highly satisfied with the industry to the goal of integrated solutions, products and services to international counterparts leading enterprises as the benchmark, with TCS (customers fully satisfied) continuous improvement system as the power, built for the lifecycle of the product quality control system, from the overall control, raw material testing, each production process control and product after-sales service three aspects to provide you with comprehensive product/service quality assurance.

A, the whole industry chain quality control:

Corresponding company whole industrial chain of production mode, establish the quality control of the whole industrial chain pattern, from raw materials, printing paper, tape, stick panel, door skin, furniture products, respectively in each unit set up quality control team, to achieve an overall inspection from raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products, products of key control points is established.

Second, clear responsibility division: according to the company's actual situation, the system construction, management, internal audit, product sampling (upper architecture) based on corporation, make quality management (practice) to establish a subsidiary, to implement quality control of power and responsibility, see the table below.

The serial number

Functional classification

The function



Three, quality control to the company strategic level:

1, will be "quality" as the company three years planning objectives of "quality, service, brand, team" first.

2, close to the head, the company's total quality, general manager of each subsidiary, head of the quality of each subsidiary, the subsidiary, in accordance with the ISO9000 requirements, set up quality control team and quality control, reporting directly to the general manager.

Four, head office set scheduling each subsidiary of quality control:

1, quality project meeting, reported to quality improvement plan, key corporation supervisory work;

2, to appear quality problem, regular quality analysis, analysis of the case;

3, to the abnormal across the company's quality, pursuing reason and responsibility, submitted to the examination and approval of President, and accountability for those responsible; With the mode of completely outside the company, each subsidiary of accountability for recovery.

4, analysis, weekly meeting quality requirements, in accordance with the individual modules are analyzed.

5, improvement in the quality of corporate level, research and development, set up the mechanism of tracking, tracking on a regular basis.

6, according to the requirements of ISO9000, the whole company quality control requirements.

Raw materials and finished products assay test

1. The plain plate incoming inspection we have perforated plate extraction apparatus can effectively detect element of formaldehyde release a quantity to how much; Universal testing machine can be on the physical properties of the sheet including: static music intensity, elastic modulus, screw holding nail force, the bond strength of surface and internal bond strength, etc., for testing to ensure the quality of the raw materials.

2. The veneer quality control, we have the formaldehyde release a quantity to fast detector, about 40 minutes to detect the veneer of formaldehyde release a quantity to how much; We have a rolling wear testing machine, wear-resisting, resistance to scratch tester to act the role of surface zoned for testing; Fast aging test analysis instrument panels can be resistant to ageing and fast detection. Our constant temperature and humidity box plate can be 25 ℃ low temperature test.

3. Decorative paper quality control, base paper testing we have air permeability tester, tension tester, bibulous rate tester, and smoothness, moisture, fast instrument to test the physical indicators of base paper, guarantee the quality of base paper.

Printing ink detection, we large computer color matching system imported from Japan, can be used for printing ink tinting strength accurately detection; For other physical indicators, such as: ink fineness, solid content, adhesion fastness, heat resistance, fast to implement effective detection.

4. Control cabinet material we have resistance to yellowing, multi-function hinge fatigue testing machine, used for furniture such as drawer slide rail fatigue testing machine facing plank yellowing resistance test, the hinge, slide rail fatigue test, to ensure the product quality.

Decorative paper quality control

A, printing paper:

1, to ensure the stability of printing paper products quality and qualified rate, first of all raw materials into the factory inspection, ink and other chemical additives, inspection center; Print tube on the bottom paper quantitative, color difference, dry wet traction, porosity and other physical index test.

2, quality controllers take model according to production plan to archive, ink ink division according to the model, ensure the color difference has been controlled within a certain range.

3, printing ink before production division, quality controllers, after determining the color reproduction.

4, after printing a, ink and sampling: batch of sample, the sample production on the standard sample, total 3 samples on the same board, color matching, in order to ensure the consistent between batch and batch of color.

5, print tube is used to detect the physical indicators of printing base paper: quantitative, dry and wet strength, porosity, and record.

6, printing base paper packing requirements: surface paper fold, holes, and certificate content is complete, correct, all qualified after affix one's seal into the Treasury.

Second, the dip tape:

1, rubber tube to archives model, according to the production plan timely to ensure the machine long after the clamp than color, reducing the loss of quality.

2, to guarantee the stability of the dip tape product quality first, strict control of the source, the indicators of collagen, the adjustment of glue curing time after strict inspection.

3, rubber tube on melamine gummed paper appearance quality inspection, sampling, physical indexes.

4, on a regular basis to soak glue quality training for the staff, quality controllers.

Stick quality control panel

Plate detection based on element board product inspection report, there is no report no unloading, drive the car as a unit for sampling, for the defective product according to the regulations, if he is not qualified, have the right to refuse, measuring the size is in line with the quality standard and truthfully fill in test record (plate test records).

Responsible for cover workshop production in the process of the supervision of product quality and processing technology

1, the production team to change the plan to do first article inspection (production planning and cover plant using physical contrast test, confirm the plank, type using the correct tape, steel plate surface), and fill in the corresponding form (including the first article inspection record, replacing steel form)

2, production process inspection of processed products. Measuring plate (using the caliper, meter scale) size (length, thickness), and records (inspection record). Check pressure stick quality and cooperate with the workshop improvement problems, pay attention to the hot pressing process parameters, whether the irregularities, if irregularities, issued by the rectification notice to inform them, if the rectification can not meet the quality requirements are ordered to stop.

3, finished product inventory, the quality of the product appearance inspection, to ensure products confetti clean, without damage, using the plate is in accordance with the notice requirements packing plate, sealed storage.

Number 4, statistical calculation on the day of the defective product, analyse the reason of defective report and record shop (adjust to evade, to prevent recurrence of the same quality problem), good quality service for the workshop production work.

Cabinet material quality control

A, raw material incoming inspection:

Sheet 1, the factory use for our company cover factory production, in order to ensure the plate quality, the cabinet company quality control in the plate has been cover under the premise of the acceptance of factory qc, again carries on the sampling, qc inspection and frame work by himself;

2, furniture factory use PVC blister film, after the appearance of the cabinet company qc based color, specifications, inspection, etc, the pass at the same time the company professional color printing workshop testing equipment for testing, to ensure that the PVC blister film color difference between batches conform to the requirements;

Article 3, furniture factory use of aluminum, hinge, slide rail, such as hardware accessories, after quality control cabinet company specifications, appearance, surface coating inspection, as well as actual installation inspection, to ensure that these hardware accessories matching with our products, and the work is personally operation by our qc staff.

Second, the molded product inspection:

1, cabinet, the products of the company quality management for moulding line, adopt single track inspection of equipment, to ensure that each device production of non-conforming can be found in time and repair, the repair process all-the-way tracking by qc personnel;

2, cabinet, the products of the company quality management for moulding line, the product packaging is completed, will be to be put in storage products for packet inspection, found the problem immediately after back to production line for repair or replenishment, qc and repair process all-the-way tracking.

Three, cabinet put oneself in another's position line product inspection:

1, cabinet company qa for line of cabinet put oneself in another's position, in the production of products in the product, after the completion of form a complete set of drilling technical data according to the order personally by qc personnel form a complete set of assembly, the number of the products are found in a timely manner, the structure and hardware use problems, ensure that the product structure is no problem;

2, before the cabinet put oneself in another's position line product packaging, quality control personnel to need packaging products supporting situation, quantity and hardware used to confirm inspection, after completion of the packaging and verify whether the number of finished product packaging and packaging before the number of consistent, to ensure that the packing will not appear in the component leakage and misplaced.


1, cabinet companies all customers inspection, all accompanied by qc cabinet company one-on-one, questions to answer in time, to the customer found the problem to the customer, record and feedback to the production in time, at the same time provide services to clients.

Indoor door quality supervision

1, look at the production plan before production, to guarantee the products in accordance with order plan;

2, with the tools such as caliper metric scale opposite PiJi plate was measured, are not allowed to appear short feet, the phenomenon such as substrate, a thin; To detect dip tape does not allow to appear black line magnitude quality problem;

3, check the pressure in the process of production problems appeared in the process, and check the machine pressure on the temperature and time is in line with the door leather craft production standard, guarantee the product percent of pass;

4 product quality appearance inspection, finished product storage, to ensure that the products without white, partial paper torn paper, as well as the quality problems according to the order play packaging packaging requirements, carefully and correctly fill in production pass card.

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