Congratulations to Ouzhiyi's first show at Qingdao Show for winning the gold medal. 5G furniture panels lead the new upsurge of furniture customization

On May 13, 2021, the 18th Qingdao International Furniture Fair officially opened at Qingdao Hongdao International Conference and Exhibition Center. More than 1,100 companies from all over the country and the upstream and downstream of the furniture industry chain came to the exhibition. The Qingdao International Furniture Fair, known as the "Northern Largest Furniture Fair", has a history of holding exhibitions for 18 consecutive years, and its influence in the national furniture industry cannot be underestimated. Our company's Ouzhiyi brand made its debut in Qingdao and won the gold award. The new product "Ouzhiyi 5G Furniture Board" and the "Five One Project" have numerous fans.

  Look at the trend|The new track of the whole house customization opens, and the first show of Ou Zhiyi won the gold award


As the biggest hot spot in the home furnishing industry in recent years, whole-house customization has ushered in rapid development, and consumer demands are constantly escalating. In the fierce competition of various types of panels, our company made its debut at the 18th Qingdao International Furniture Fair and won the gold medal of the "National Customized Panel Series" "Ouzhiyi" brand, which attracted the attention of many downstream companies.


Chen Xueshan, Dean of Honsoar Innovation Research Institute, introduced: The company’s brand-new product "Ouzhiyi 5G Furniture Board" at this exhibition has been recognized by the organizer, many companies and consumers because of With the three core elements of "board", "finish" and "supporting services", it can not only meet the core demands of end consumers for customized home furnishings, but also enhance the productivity and competitiveness of many small and medium-sized customized furniture brands.


  Look at the highlights|"5G Furniture Board" and "Five One Project" of Ouzhiyi New Product Launch Conference


   In this home furnishing exhibition, Ouzhiyi also held a new product launch conference with the theme of "Europe as its wings, soaring to China". Ouzhiyi's new product "5G Furniture Board" made its debut.


As a representative work of Ouzhiyi's "good core, good surface, and good board", the 5G furniture board uses a lightweight, high-strength, fine-grained OSB board (LSB board) without aldehyde addition as the core, and uses high-end printing paper from Inpress, Combining international high-end printing technology with traditional Chinese elements, combined with years of painstaking research and processing technology, finally in today's digital 5G era, this forward-looking "5G furniture board" is created.


During the exhibition, Ouzhiyi's "5G Furniture Board" was widely recognized, and buyers and midstream and downstream companies from all over the world signed contracts to place orders after understanding the product characteristics. Among them, in addition to the advantages of the "5G furniture board" itself, the "Five One Project" of Ouzhiyi is indispensable, like the one-click import of patterns and the one-click generation of renderings. These "black technology" of home design have made many home customization companies Full of praise.


Dean Chen Xueshan introduced that the so-called "five-one project" refers to first-class original element design that can improve product performance; unique application channel design that can double the design efficiency of customers; it can double the trust of customers. Add the concept of environmental protection; a novel supply chain system that halves the sluggish materials and supply time of the factory, and an innovative process plan that can increase processing efficiency and halve labor.


The "Five One Project" is a total home solution specially created by Ouzhiyi for small and medium-sized home furnishing enterprises. By helping enterprises improve quality and efficiency, more consumers can feel the European charm of European fashion home furnishings.


Reading Feelings|With Europe as its wings, let China take off


   In addition to products and services, Ouzhiyi's sentiments also impressed many exhibitors. The founding of Ouzhiyi was originally derived from the imagination of Dongyu Hongxiang Chairman Sun Guanjun during an inspection in Europe: Let China also use the raw materials of European manufacturers, and produce European high-end panels, so that the Chinese can also use them well. Product, good furniture. With the deepening of cooperation negotiations with impress, the originator of printing paper in the world, the name of Ouzhiyi gradually took shape.


Ouzhiyi, with Europe as its wing, let China take off.

   Nowadays, 10,000-ton New Zealand pine has come across the oceans, and original European designs have been realized in China. At the same time, Ouzhiyi, a brand with ambitious ambitions, is also embarking on a new journey one step at a time.

   Chairman Sun Guanjun said, "5G Furniture Board" and "Five One Project" are not only the work of Ouzhiyi to realize the dream, but also our gift for the 100th anniversary of the founding of the party and the soaring of China.


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